CopyCloset Training 4: Quick Money

The CopyCloset was created to give you the words you need to attract, engage and excite your audience. And they will do that when you take action.

For example, new member Samantha stepped right in and used an email tucked inside the Swag Bag O’ Scripts to book THREE new clients. #Boom

Now, here’s how YOU can use the CopyCloset to make some QUICK money.

Step #1: Define Your Approach

Identify how you want to generate revenue. For example, do you want to host a Masterclass, offer one-on-one consultations, create a digital product …? The first step to making QUICK money is deciding how you’ll go about doing it.

Step #2: Set Your Money Goal

You’ll also want to set a money goal – how much can you realistically make from this Masterclass, digital product or one-on-one consultation given your past success and existing audience.

Step #3: Dig Inside The CopyCloset

Now that you have a high-level plan, it’s time to WERK the content inside the CopyCloset to make big thangs happen. Now, Samantha decided she wanted to book one-on-one consultations, so she slid inside the Swag Bag O’ Scripts.

Want to book your own money-making consultations? Try these scripts inside the Swag Bag O’ Scripts:

Or maybe you want to create a Masterclass? If so, slide over to this incredible step-by-step lesson under Money Moves Masterclasses:

Lastly, if you want to create a digital product, check out this resource:

Remember, you ain’t gotta do EVERYTHING, but I challenge you to do something.

As always, hit us up in the CopyCloset Concierge section if you have questions.

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