CopyCloset Training 9: Quick Cash

Steady money is not typically something we can count on as entrepreneurs. Sure, you may have recurring income and retainer clients, but if they decide not to pay you … you’re pretty much stuck.

And “stuck” ain’t the place to be when it comes to your money.

That’s why today, we’re sharing a money-in-the-bag social media post/message you can share to generate revenue dang near immediately.

Don’t believe me? Leslie did it and made a quick $500 and you can do it too.



Here’s How It Works

The trick is to include language that covers 5 key points:

  1. Short proof story showing your strategy/product works.
  2. Brief description of what the person will get after signing up.
  3. Reason to sign up now
  4. Who this offer is for and what makes you qualified to offer it
  5. How the offer will be life- or biz-changing and therefore why they dont wanna miss out on it

Now, your final script will read something like this:

I know all the gurus are telling you to _______. But that’s not working for you. Heck, I did the same thing and it didn’t work for me either. And that’s why I’m dropping by your timeline to offer you the opportunity to never again struggle with _________.

You see, with the right _______ you can finally:

[insert up to 3 burning desires]

And that’s what you’ll get during my [webinar, masterclass _____].

By the way, I’m Apryl Beverly and I sling smack-the-buy button sentences. I’m freeing up ____ hours this week to give ____ very lucky action takers ____  ways to _________.

There’s just one catch, I only have ____ spots available and I’m not sure when (or if) I’ll have time to do this again.

Want in? Comment below or message me today. 

Here’s a snapshot of Leslie’s money-making message for inspiration:







Now don’t just read this and go on about your day. I challenge you to take action.

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