The CopyCloset is NOT a course, but an all-inclusive collection of word-for-word email scripts, writing formulas, trainings and techniques to help you excite and engage your audience and finally get them to do what YOU want – buy, download, subscribe, enroll and so on.


We have a unique vibe here at the CopyCloset. Here’s a rundown on how we do thangs:

Content Updates: New content and an updated CopyCloset Style Guide (more on that in a bit) is uploaded by the last day of each month.

Chat with Apryl: In the lower right corner of each page, you can chat with Apryl to get answers to navigational or quick-fix questions. The office hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. EDT Monday – Thursday. When she’s not online, the tag will say “Email Us.”

ClosetMail: We send member emails at least twice a month, typically on Mondays. If you’re not receiving our communications or need to switch email addresses, please let us know ASAP so you don’t miss any of the important updates.

Online Community: Apryl hosts Q&A days and shares special updates inside the online community so be sure to join us here:

Guest Stylists: All members can apply to be showcased as one of our monthly Guest Stylists and GET PAID. You can complete the application here.

Content Reviews: Content reviews will be provided on a random, pop-up basis so stay tuned to your ClosetMail for notifications.

Closet Talks: Apryl will be conducting LIVE interviews with members to give you a chance to showcase your skills in front of her audience. We’ll let you know when you can apply for the interviews via ClosetMail.

ClosetKeepers: All members can earn some cash by participating in our affiliate program. More on that in the coming days.

Quick Win Guides: Apryl will periodically publish Quick Win Guides to navigate you on getting quick results by taking fast action.

Member Power Call: All members can schedule a quick 15-minute Power Call with Apryl to discuss writing struggles and overall business goals. Limited monthly spots available. Calls are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Book your call here:

Now, before you hit another key, watch this brief video to tour of the CopyCloset.

Alright, now that you know a bit more about the site, here’s a silky-smooth breakdown of everything:


From any page on the site, you’ll see the navigation bar. Let’s review each option:

Home: Takes you back to the home screen.

Hey, Love!: Meet your Million-Dollar Word Stylist here and find out why she launched the CopyCloset and what success her clients have achieved.

Start HERE: The place where you’ll find the CopyCloset Tour video and the CopyCloset Style Guide aka the Closet Bible. Be sure to visit this page every single month to download and print the monthly Style Guide. There’s a TON of content on the site, and this Style Guide will serve as your trusty map.

My Concierge: The place where you can reach ME. Simply complete the brief questionnaire so we can fully understand your needs and BOOM, you’ll get a response within 2 business days. Now, if you need an immediate response, simply email us or hit up the chat box in the lower right corner of the page.

Word Style: Here, you’ll find a brief description of each of the SIX core buckets of content inside the member’s site. More on these areas in a bit.

Shop + Save: Know that 20% off premium offerings and copywriting services (over $500) we promised when you joined? Welp, this is where you’ll receive alerts on available premium content and Apryl’s copywriting services.

My Account: You have two drop downs here for My Courses and Manage My Subscription. Under My Courses, you’ll see a list of lessons you’ve completed. Again, this is NOT a course, but the system wouldn’t allow us to change the verbiage to “lessons,” so we’re stuck there.

Under Manage My Subscription, you can update your billing information.


The CopyCloset is divided into SIX main buckets of content:

Money Moves Masterclasses: As a member, you get FREE access to Apryl’s monthly Money Moves Masterclasses. Here, you’ll find all the replays, presentation slides + WERKBooks from those trainings.

Bangin’ Copy Hacks: We encourage you to use this area to see full money-making writing samples and glean inspiration from them. Now, this section includes content written for Apryl’s clients, so we will go gangsta on you if you copy any of these samples word-for-word. 🙂

Website Smackdowns: Ahhh, want Apryl’s million-dollar eyeballs on your website? This is where you can request a one-time Website Smackdown where she’ll tell you how to transform your website into a cash-generating machine.

Guest Stylists: Meet one of Apryl’s really smart biz besties here so you can learn about business topics outside of sales writing. While we know sales writing is critical, we also realize it’s not the only thing you need to build and grow a profitable business. So, slide on over here and get all areas of your business right and tight.

Swag Bag O’ Scripts: In this glorious area, you can literally steal Apryl’s sentences, tweak and hit send. We’ve tucked money-making email scripts right here for you to use whenever you want.

Vivacious Vids + Webinars: Outside of the monthly Masterclasses, Apryl will also drop content in the form of video and you’ll find those here. No worries for you paper/PDF lovers, most trainings will also include a download so you can follow along.


Your Profile is where you’ll fill in the usual details like name, address, phone number, and also tell us about your business! Why do we need this?

Because when you hop on the phone with Apryl, request a content review or join us for the year-end Virtual Party where Apryl gives away a ton of prizes and gifts, we’ll have the information we need to deliver the best possible service to YOU as an individual biz owner, not merely a “member.”

Make sense?

So, go ahead and show us what you’re working with right here.

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